The Museum

Last updated 2012-08-11 23:40:20 SGT

There was an event for NUS Scholars today at the University Cultural Centre, in anticipation of which I changed into office-wear and had lunch (New York Fish & Chips) early. Very early. Unfortunately, way too early. I arrived at the UCC at half-past-noon, and the event was scheduled to begin at three. Clearly I wasn't thinking straight at some point.

Anyway, instead of going back to Cinnamon for a nap (like I should have done after spending the morning wrestling with my chair in the shower as if it were a dog), I decided to explore the UCC and the nearby NUS Museum. This is what I found:

My timetable for the coming semester looks to be pretty insane. I wouldn't mind losing my four-day work week in exchange for a saner schedule (e.g. with actual lunch breaks).

School starts Monday! Am excited.

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