Pineapple for Fedora

Last updated 2016-12-21 02:12:51 SGT

Pineapple is an open-source Jupyter notebook frontend using wxWidgets, originally written for Mac OS X (and buildable on Ubuntu). After a weekend of hacking around (procrastinating on a take-home final exam), I've successfully gotten it to build on Fedora 25. Interested parties can grab a copy here, or fork the (already forked) GitHub repo.

Build quirks


Despite the long list of quirks and lack of AppImage support, this still feels better than nteract. I very much appreciate the use of wxWidgets, since that results in a look and feel very much closer to the rest of my (GTK-based) desktop than Electron. I also appreciate it being a much thinner client for Jupyter than nteract (since nteract and Jupyter proper have incompatible LaTeX behaviours and other conflicting ways of handling metadata).

Like nteract, this unfortunately doesn't support some Jupyter extensions that I like (in particular hide_code [although that's somehow broken for me] and the LaTeX handling extensions), but as it stands I think I'm finding it fairly usable.


Not the take-home final in question

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