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  1. box.
  2. a
  3. conducting
  4. in
  5. involving a
  6. suggested
  7. found out;
  8. cat
  9. experiments
  10. she took
  11. who once
  12. the ethics committee,
  13. of mine
  14. radioactive
  15. at this,
  16. about
  17. told us stories
  18. immediately
  19. a professor
  20. tipped off
  21. a friend
  22. ordeal over a
  23. offense
  24. telling them
  25. My professor
  26. She said she
  27. I know
  28. and
  29. One day,
  30. of his friend's

About the maths:

The Collatz conjecture is an open question about how numbers relate to each other. Take any natural number [n_0]; if [n_0] is odd, let [n_1] be [3n_0+1]; otherwise let [n_1] be [n_0/2]. Define [n_2] by doing the same to [n_1], and so on. We conjecture that for any starting number [n_0], the sequence of [n]'s eventually reaches some [i] such that [n_i=1]. Is this true or not? Nobody knows.

This thing (I can barely call it a poem) contains Collatz orbits containing only numbers less than or equal to 64. It is therefore a low-effort piece, because I have a midterm in two hours (oops)

I generated this using code adapted from this visualisation.

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