Last updated 2015-02-23 21:43:52 SGT

I am playing music, and leave my room momentarily. Out of consideration for my roommates, I decide the music must stop:

  1. I press the "pause" button on my Pebble's music app
  2. My Pebble sends an event to the Pebble app on my phone via bluetooth
  3. The Pebble app relays it to the MPDroid app on my phone as an A2DP/AVRCP event
  4. The MPDroid app performs an mDNS lookup to connect to my laptop over 802.11n off the router in my suite
  5. MPDroid sends "pause" to mpd, running on my laptop, on TCP port 6600
  6. mpd pauses the music, and ceases to send a stream to pulseaudio
  7. pulseaudio ceases its stream to my speakers via bluetooth, again using A2DP
  8. the music stops before I take my first step out of my room.

One day we will look back on today as an age of untrammelled luxury.

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