Langton's Ants on canvas

Last updated 2013-04-18 21:09:41 SGT

In the same vein as the last one, I made a rudimentary reimplementation of Langton's Ant today, again in <canvas>. This time it happened while preparing (very boring) presentation slides on Emergence. Although each ant is coloured differently, all ants share the same state space (i.e. all coloured squares are black as far as the ruleset is concerned). With a bit of work I could set up a multistate ruleset, but I can't see how to scale it arbitrarily with the number of ants in a consistent manner. Zhe Wei also suggested that I add noise (e.g. alternate rulesets, or random error) but I am lazy. Anyway, I'm releasing this under a share-alike attribution CC license (see the about page), so should the lack of any particular feature be really killing you, go add it yourself.

Give me a grid boxes wide and boxes tall with ants on it. .

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