Typeahead Navigation for Nautilus 3.18

Last updated 2015-09-30 13:22:17 SGT

I've been applying the nautilus-typeahead patch from the AUR (in turn based on Daniel Wyatt's original patch) each time I upgrade Fedora, but it appears that the 3.18 version hasn't propagated there yet. I upgraded to Fedora 23 beta today and spent the afternoon fixing it; this patch works with commit 3db8f7ccf803c3bebc48d667b68edff6bddceb4c, at least; it will probably apply as long as there hasn't been significant refactoring.

You can find the patch here (perhaps best used in conjunction with the gtk3 typeahead patch):


I could go on with a rant about how "search" and "navigation" are two different things, but really I've lost the energy to get angry at the GNOME devs (M. Clasen in particular). The day this patch ceases to work is the day I migrate at last to Nemo. I wish they'd finally take it back as a permanent feature, though. Better recursive search is great, but I don't want to fill the window with files not in the immediate working directory when I accidentally press a key. Also why would I need recursive search in a file chooser widget??

In other news: mirror.nus.edu.sg appears to be experiencing some terrible latency issues.

EDIT 30/9: I've put patched builds of gtk3 and nautilus up on the Fedora COPR.

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