Laksa Polenta

Last updated 2022-05-01 11:34:15 SGT


Toast spice paste and dilute with stock; bring to boil. Add polenta. Cook for at least 30 min, adding water as necessary to maintain the texture of thick grits. Add coconut milk, tau pok, shrimp and fishballs; mix well. Blanch bean sprouts for 1 min and strain, adding just before serving. Garnish with laksa leaves etc. (I opted for a sous vide egg). Makes 6 servings.

Context: I was at a department party yesterday and they served excellent shrimp and grits, which I wished I had had more of. I had a couple of laksa spice packs that have been in my pantry since 2017, which I need to get rid of before moving to Hawaiʻi. This seemed like a good idea at the time.

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