The Quarrel

Last updated 2015-05-09 10:10:31 SGT

(with apologies to Tennyson)

hurt for hurt felt: who knows how started?
secret-bearer, everything guarded,
sensing closeness, burden encumbered;
spooked, uneasy distance imparted —
eyes not met, approaches unanswered,
earnest votives furtively uttered —
good intents, yet treachery smarted.

hurt for hurt felt: this course it charted:
misread moves unwittingly blundered
imprecations silently thundered
eye for eye, tooth for tooth, friendship martyred
nascent rapport gradually sundered
wealth of social capital plundered —
all for what? have none of you wondered

what the point of this exercise in compulsive hatred was supposed to be, exactly? What the hell, guys?

How long festered, torn up and tattered?
How much of this actually mattered?
How repair now what has been shattered?