Writing the Science Play

Last updated 2016-06-13 04:28:30 SGT

In Spring 2016 I took UAR2208, Writing the Science Play, a course offered at NUS under the USP. I'm putting two of the plays that I wrote for this course online:

Usual terms apply; [\LaTeX] available on request.

On the whole, I rather enjoyed this course! It's a pity that I won't be graduating with a USP certificate, but this was easily one of the most enjoyable experiences I had with the programme — and I say this even as a Physics major with little in the way of writing ability. Prof Huzir Sulaiman is an exceedingly patient educator. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone given the opportunity to enrol in it — although with the caveat that the writing load for this course is nontrivial; don't do this in the same semester as your honours thesis (or you'll get RSI like me).

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