SrSm: Blog Post 7

Last updated 2015-09-13 16:11:18 SGT

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Despite having had a month to reflect on my original position, I remain unconvinced as regards the allure of the canonical C2E life. Mostly this is because I remain, as ever, disillusioned with the somewhat questionable notion of universal intellectualism that it belies — which, as I last pointed out, is at once neither as universal as its proponents (many of them, on the class blog) believe it to be, nor within the ambit of my capacity to fulfil. One month on, this much I can still say — even without bringing into consideration the reality check that one month immersed in hectic work schedules has been. I assert, still, that I can neither justify the pretence, nor afford the time or emotional energy, nor possess the necessary acumen and skill, necessary to maintain the façade of unqualified, unconstrained intellectualism that this prompt seems to demand of me. Let others try who can. I, for one, shall find no shame in acknowledging the limits of what I can and cannot do.

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