Dramatis Personæ

Last updated 2015-05-23 17:15:08 SGT

“When I grow up I
Want to be a policeman!” —
Coca-cola bribes.

“To examine the
Cage of my own consciousness” —
Pro philosopher.

“When I grow up I
Want to be a bureaucrat!” —
That's fine we're still friends.

“Our goals for this year:
Make mistakes! Go sailing! Sleep!” —
Hopeful blackboard scrawls.

Hmm, what's this guy's name?
“How you doing there … Michael?” —
He is Michael now.

“Hello there, princess!
Want to go for a boat ride?” —
Safest guy around.

Target shopping list:
Exquisite calligraphy —
Wow this guy's got class

“Help me do my stuff!
Not as if you're busy, right?” —
Free secretary

“Quickly, we'll be late!”
“Do these pants make me look fat?” —
Best roommates ever

“Are you gonna sleep?”
“Yeah, just putting earplugs on” —
Also best roommates

Different birthday songs;
Traditional cake in face —
Cultural exchange!

“Mickey pin for him
And a Minnie pin for her!” —
Very funny, guys.

“I'm a Contessa:
Your Assassin can't kill me!” —
Sneaky bastard grin

“Which one would you be:
Duck-sized horse or horse-sized duck?” —
Important questions

“I want my coffee.
I said, I want coffee NOW!” —
Never lives this down.

Presidential sash —
“Happy birthday, Chapparo!” —
Presidential nod

“<Insert name>, look here!”
Unexpected camera —
click. Ha ha ha ha.

Dimly candlelit:
Two best bros and one big steak —
Romantic dinner.

“We've a friend at Yale:
Lawyer chick who'll help us sue!” —
Police neutralised.

“I listen to notes
While I draw things on the wall” —
Multitasking queen

“Why is Donkey Kong?”
“Actually he is an ape” —
Confusion resolved…?

Goodbye everyone!
Seems like I'm the first to leave —
I will miss you all.

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